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Fenwick High School is committed to the development of students in five core areas: the Person,  the Believer, the Citizen, the Scholar and the Athlete. Guided by the charism of the Dominican Order, for nearly 95 years, Fenwick High School has maintained a strong tradition of excellence. Our rigorous academic program is the penultimate occasion in the development of young people committed to a life of service for the betterment of society. 

Fenwick graduates evolve into innovative leaders representing a diverse spectrum of the arts, medicine, business, philanthropy, and civic fealty. Grounded in Catholic faith, we collaboratively work with students, teachers, and parents to ensure the success of our scholars as they navigate their unique academic paths in order to become true innovators in the service of others. 

Fenwick’s Five Educational Goals

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  • Person

    The Fenwick graduate should reach a level of maturity that reflects some responsibility for his or her own development. The graduate should demonstrate the habits of reflecting on life experience, of becoming more flexible and open to other points of view and be willing to risk personal talents and accept limitations. The graduate should accept the obligation to pursue personal growth actively.
  • Believer

    The Fenwick graduate should have a knowledge of the traditions, doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church and should continue to participate in the sacramental life of the Church. The same would be expected of non-Catholic graduates with respect to their traditions, having had the opportunity to reflect on their own religious commitments and traditions against the background of the study of the Dominican Catholic tradition. This foundation will enable the graduate to sift ideas and beliefs for insights into truth and accept a personal relationship with God.
  • Citizen

    The Fenwick graduate, in his or her daily life, should act out of a sense of justice and an awareness of contemporary social issues. The graduate, as a concerned citizen, should make choices responsibly when faced with issues of personal freedom and human rights. The graduate should respond to individuals in society free from prejudice.
  • Scholar

    The Fenwick graduate should demonstrate intellectual competence through critical thinking, careful listening, and effective written and oral communication. A Fenwick graduate should respect one’s own field of study as well as other fields of study, and appreciate learning as a lifelong endeavor. Because of these skills and attitudes, the graduate should perform effectively in a career.
  • Athlete

    The Fenwick graduate should engage in a lifestyle of wholesome personal awareness, physical activity and good nutrition. In sports, as in any activity, the graduate should contribute as a team member and a team leader with enthusiasm and dedication to achieve a group goal.
By accomplishing these goals, all Fenwick students will graduate ready to lead, achieve, and serve, and the high school and its community will maintain that tradition of excellence.
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