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The SHIELD Program

About The SHIELD Program

The Shield is a comprehensive transition program that provides each freshman with a support group that consists of student mentors, a faculty advisor, and a school counselor. Student Mentors are “trusted guides” to freshmen. They help nurture the personal, social, and academic growth of each freshman student by providing an ongoing orientation process that enables freshmen to become familiar with school policies, procedures, programs and traditions at Fenwick.
The Shield Program provides each freshman with a supportive environment that helps ease their adjustment from junior high to high school. The personal, social, and academic growth of each freshmen student is nurtured through an ongoing orientation that includes information about school policies, procedures and programs, academic and social counseling and relationship building through upperclassmen mentors.

How it Works

Freshmen are introduced to their shield mentor during Freshmen Orientation. Mentors check in with their mentees throughout the school year for one-on-one or small group meetings along with large group meetings. There are approximately 5 days listed on the Fenwick Calendar as Late Start (Shield Day). On these days Freshmen and Mentors are required to arrive to school for a regular 8:00 a.m. start time and review Schoology for the morning's details.

The SHIELD Moderators

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    Mary Visteen 

    School Counselor, Class of 2026, 2025 A-E
SHIELD will provide freshmen with strong and stable mentor relationships that will positively influence their experience and development. Studies indicate that peer influence can have a positive effect on students’ school engagement when students are surrounded by positive peer role models whom they respect.
SHIELD will also provide freshmen with the motivation and opportunity for greater engagement in the school community, which leads to a greater chance of success academically and socially.
The high school upperclassmen student leaders will be given real responsibilities that will allow them to realize their potential in creating change in their school community. The establishment of this program will promote collaboration among the SHIELD team, administrators, school staff, upperclassmen and freshmen to create a more inclusive environment.
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