The Impact Of Your Gift

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  • Fine Arts

    Music, art and choir/choral are expressions of prayer in the Dominican tradition and an integral part of the education of the “spirit” at Fenwick. Demand for the school’s expressive arts programs has exploded in recent years, and more and more resources are dedicated to the arts. Your generosity helps to ensure that Fenwick’s fine arts program is first class and the school remains a first-choice option for students.
  • Tuition Assistance

    More than a third of Fenwick students receive some level of tuition assistance directly from the school. Without tuition assistance, many Fenwick families would simply not be able to afford to come to Fenwick. These families and students make for a stronger, more vibrant Fenwick community and your generosity affords these students a transformational educational experience.
  • Academics

    Fenwick is one of the finest college preparatory high schools in the country. It maintains high expectations for academic excellence, while developing young minds to achieve academic success in high school, college and beyond. Your generosity helps to maintain the high academic standards and teaching excellence that are Fenwick’s hallmarks.
  • Student Activities

    From the WYSE and TEAMS academic teams developing the mind to the preaching team and poetry club developing the spirit, and everything in between, Fenwick’s nearly 50 clubs and activities help to fulfill the Thomist ideal of educating the whole person. Your generosity is essential to help to foster the Dominican spiritual value of community that is integral to the Fenwick experience.
  • Athletics

    Fenwick’s athletic tradition creates an environment of respect for one’s own body and health, while fostering good sportsmanship, teamwork and competitive camaraderie essential to success in life. Your generosity helps to maintain and strengthen the high level of competitive excellence in athletics that Fenwick is known for.
For more information about the impact of your gift and/or how the four core pillars of Dominican spirituality are the essence of the unique Fenwick experience today, please contact Vice President of Institutional Advancement Chris Ritten at or 708-948-0350.

Thank you for your support of Fenwick High School!

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