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2023 Honors Convocation

Numerous members of the senior class along with underclassmen were honored with faculty and other awards on May 19th.
Special awards, such as our previously announced newest Chick Evans golf caddie scholars and two National Merit Scholarship Finalists, were part of this school year's Honors Convocation at Fenwick High School on Friday, May 19. Another highlight was the official military appointment announcement of Nicholas Scudder to the United States Naval Academy. Congratulations, Nick!

View the recorded video of the 2023 Honors Convo.

Additional recognition went to 15 Fenwick Scholars in the National Hispanic Recognition Program:
  • Ava Martinez
  • Benicio Linares
  • Caroline Norton
  • Dario Santoy
  • Diego Jimenez
  • Ella Doody
  • Emily De La Paz
  • Gianna Bonano
  • Jake Leonardi
  • Jay Pulido
  • Luis Avalos
  • Marco Lara
  • Omarr Reyes
  • Rameses Mendoza
  • Serena Garza
Five Friars are National African American Recognition Program Scholars:
  • Elijah Romeus
  • Ella Kolb
  • Joshua Curry
  • Sophia Kolb
  • Talmadge Hill
Eight students achieved National Merit "Commended" status:
  • Annie Larson
  • Rameses Mendoza
  • Vincent Meo
  • Nicholas Scudder
  • Anne Showel
  • Natalie Sur
  • Reny Tzankova
  • Katherine Vogelsperger

  • Bella Daley, Cross Country and Track and Field
  • Nick Scudder, Lacrosse and Golf
Honorable Mentions for the Lawless Award:

Luis Gonzalez
Boys' Basketball
EJ Hosty
Boys' Bowling
James Dubanowich
Boys' Cross Country
Grayden Rill
Boys' Hockey
Sean Pondelicek
Boys' Swimming
Sam Kulisek
Boys' Tennis
Matt Carmody
Boys' Track and Field
Grayden Rill
Boys Volleyball
Aidan Butler
Boys Water Polo
Chris Bajda
Boys' Soccer
Ian Martinello
Julia Nowicki
Mirko Jaksic
Girls' Basketball
Campbell Brusca
Girls' Golf
Charlotte Bateman
Girls' Hockey
Brynne West
Girls' Soccer
Elizabeth Dvorak
Girls' Tennis
Kate Trifilio, Maeve Paris
Girls' Volleyball
Maeve Welsh
Girls' Lacrosse
Annie Showel
Girls' Swimming
Baileigh Rackey
Girls' Water Polo
Annie McCarthy
Natalia Harnisch
Mark Hroma
Talia Lorenzo
Finn McGee


Each year, the Fenwick faculty seeks to recognize the excellence of individual seniors who have been outstanding in the various fields of study or activities. This year the following have been elected for these honor awards:

The Fenwick Faculty Honor Award for Service to the Write Place
  • Bella Daley
  • Nick Scudder
Honorable Mention: Colin Crotty

The Fenwick Faculty Honor Award for Service to Friar Mentors
  • Quinn Hynes
  • Jake Leonardi
  • Vincent Meo
  • Ella Doody
Fr. Steven Smithers, O.P. Award for Outstanding Leadership in Student Government and related Community Activities
  • Isabella Daley
  • Olivia Polston
Honorable Mentions: Nathan Gonzalez and Grace O'Malley

Fr. Henri Dominique Lacordaire, O.P. Award for Preaching
  • Julia Overmyer
  • Grant Schleiter
Faculty Honor Award for Campus Ministry Service
  • Morgan Fisher
Faculty Honor Award for Campus Ministry Community Outreach
  • Vincent Meo
  • Erin Hayes
Honorable Mentions: Martin Mazur and Piper Dec

Faculty Honor Award for Broadcasting
  • Nathan Gonzalez
  • Shannon O'Laughlin
Fr. Charles Leo Gainor, O.P. Award for Literary Excellence in Creative and Expository Writing  
  • Colin Crotty
  • Nathan Gonzalez
  • Sheridan Holliday

Faculty Honor Award for Outstanding Contribution to Touchstone (student literary magazine)
  • Nathan Gonzalez
Honorable Mentions: Colin Crotty, Sheridan Holliday and Hannah Schubkegel

Faculty Honor Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Blackfriars Yearbook
  • Kate Trifilio
  • Nathan Gonzalez
  • Anna Ringelstetter-Ennis
Faculty Honor Award for Truth in Journalism
  • Angelina Larrea
Faculty Honor Award for Dedication and Leadership in Journalism
  • Nathan Gonzalez
Fr. George G. Conway, O.P. Award for Excellence in Debate
  • Cari Norton
  • Kate Vogelsperger
  • Molly Weber
  • Griffin Davis
Faculty Honor Award for Expressive Arts
  • Emma Meehan
  • Kendall Richards
Faculty Honor Award for Studio Art
  • Vincent Nguyen
Honorable Mentions: Hava Nordquist and Lauren McClendon

Faculty Honor Award for Outstanding Service to the Fenwick Band
  • Gael Tafolla
  • Elise Weyer
Faculty Honor Award for Outstanding Service to the Fenwick Orchestra
  • Natalia Harnisch
  • Isabella Gaspero
Faculty Honor Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Choir
  • Maria Romero
  • Amber Cloud
  • Jade Galvan
  • Sheridan Holliday
Faculty honor award for Excellence in this Year’s Spring Musical
  • Moira Finucane
  • Emma Meehan
  • Daniel Hardy
  • James Leonardi
Faculty Honor Award for Musical Contributions to Banua
  • Elise Weyer
Faculty Honor Award for Excellence in Dramatics (performance or production)
  • Maria Romero
  • Alexander Recchia
  • Frank LaMantia
Honorable Mention: Thomas Dietz

Faculty Award for Excellence in Tech Design
  • Griffin Davis
  • Margaret Pabst
  • Nora Havenaar
  • Fiona Fuhry
Faculty Award for Excellence in Set Design
  • Martin Mazur
  • Kendall Richards
  • Caroline Sampson
Faculty Honor Award for Latin
  • Jacob Chi
  • Rameses Mendoza
Honorable Mention: Frank Svete

Faculty Honor Award for Mandarin
  • Dylan Zorovich
Faculty Honor Award for French
  • Izabella Ibarra
  • Lauren McClendon
  • Natalie Poleszak
  • Olivia Polston
Faculty Honor Award for German  
  • Nora Havenaar
  • Grant Schleiter
Faculty Honor Award for Italian
  • Emily Androwich
  • Ava DiFranco
  • Angelina Woods
  • Elizabeth Adler
Faculty Honor Award for Spanish 
  • Quinn Hynes
  • Natalia Harnisch
  • Julia Overmyer
  • Kate Trifilio
Faculty Honor Award for Theology
  • Grant Schleiter
Honorable Mentions: Piper Dec, Seamus Dunlap and Sheridan Holliday

Faculty Honor Award for History 
  • Grant Schleiter
Honorable Mention: Natalia Harnisch

Faculty Honor Award for Social Studies
  • Julia Overmeyer
Honorable Mention: Colin Crotty

Faculty Honor Award for English 
  • Jamon Graham
Honorable Mentions: Natalia Harnisch, Caroline Sampson and Brynne West

Fr. George G. Conway, O.P. Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics Competition 
  • Mallory Turner
  • Quinn Hynes
Honorable Mentions: Kate Vogelsperger and Vincent Meo

Faculty Honor Award for Mathematics
  • Quinn Hynes
  • Grant Schleiter
Honorable Mentions: Annie Showel and Nick Scudder

Faculty Honor Award for Biology
  • Molly Weber
  • Alec Wojcik
Faculty Honor Award for Environmental Science 
  • Jamon Graham
  • Molly Weber
Honorable Mentions: Lauren McClendon and Lauren Deneen

Faculty Honor Award for Chemistry 
  • Sophia Buen Santos
  • Mallory Turner
  • Reny Tsankova
Faculty Honor Award for Computer Science 
  • Seamus Dunlap
Honorable Mention: Anne Showel

Faculty Honor Award for Physics 
  • Quinn Hynes
Honorable Mention: Alec Wojcik

Congratulations to all these students!
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