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Nearly $45 Million in Scholarship Offers for the Class of 2023

To date, 605 scholarships have been awarded to 204 members (76%) of Fenwick's senior class -- with a monetary value of over $44,600,000!
So far, 605 scholarships have been awarded to 204 members (76%) of the senior class -- from 155 different colleges/agencies. The monetary value of these awards adds up to more than $44.6 million!

Scholarship breakdown from the Registrar's Office:

$200,000 or above - 89 students
$300,000 or above - 45 students
$400,000 or above - 27 students
$500,000 or above - 18 students (pictured)
Friars who have received, according to school records, more than a half million in scholarship money:
Fiona Fuhry
Adrian Salgado Horst
Katherine Trifilio
Eileen Homberger
Emma Meehan
Catherine Krema
Hava Nordquist
Colin Crotty
Mary Grace Raniere
Caroline Norton
Margaret Pabst
Serena Garza
Ava Mazzocchi
Ava Martinez
Maria Romero
Martin Mazur
Caroline Sampson
Katelyn McHugh

Congratulations to all of these 200+ students for their efforts, achievements and the example they have given to our underclassmen!
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